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About: I will assign the mystery people in your groups from randomizer or someone offering to be the person. You can share that you are the mystery but only with people in your team of course. You give me 3 hints that you want to be shared on the big screen. After hints are in, the opposing team guesses who the mystery is. If a person was mystery the pevious round, it doesn't mean they aren't the mystery again. Everyone takes his own guess. At the very end, the team with the most points will claim victory and the person with the most points will recieve 1st place.


  • You can tell your teammates your guesses.
  • Don't share anything with the opposing team.

Blue Team

Green Team

Round 3: ImpressionsEdit

Blue Team

Mystery's Hints


Green Team

Mystery's Hints



Points Edit

New info posted. Round 3 begins soon.
Round1 Round2 Round3
Joey Delilah Brandon
Mau Delilah Brandon
Justin Nina N/A
John Delilah Brandon
Jessy Delilah Brandon
Shan N/A Freebie
Delilah N/A Jessy
Nina N/A Justin
Mark N/A Karla
Brandon N/A Karla

 Team  Blue team
 Team  Green team
 Correct  This person guessed correctly that round.
 Incorrect  This person guessed incorrectly that round.

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