~This episode take place on a stage in front of a large audience~

Nasia: We are at the finale of season 3 Fight to the Finish!!!

Audience: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Nasia: Time to get started! Oh my joshhhhh, we have our old cast members returning to be part of the jury! The jury is the group of people who will vote for the winner! I have to let you guys know that this finale is WAYYYYY different than the last two Template:Grin

Audience: oOoooOOOOoooo

Nasia: Before we invite our final three to the stage, we will welcome our 7 jury members in the order from which they were eliminated! COME ON OUT JURY!!

Joey walks out with a suit looking more handsome than everrrr *he waves at the audience*

Audience screams

Mau walks out with a suit but has orange tennis shoes on like...ew boy what are you doinggg *he winks*

John walks out with an evil grin on his face as if he has something sneaky planned for the night, then he picks his nose when no one is watching

Audience: Ewwww.

Mark walks out with an I-don't-give-a-fuck expression on his face but with a small grin

Lily walks out like a gangsta on the streets "MMHMMMMMMMM GUUUUUUURLL"

Delilah walks out flipping her hair thinking she is queen of the place and says "I will win FTTF season people better watch out."

Nasia: Who said there was going to be a season 4 Template:Unamused

Delilah: I did bitch

And lastly, Ellie walks out with her middle finger pointing towards the crowd


Jury Members: YES!!

Nasia: Too bad, we have to do the challenge first. Lets take a look inside of the house where Brandon, Shan, and Justin are sitting.

They all wave to the camera

Nasia: How are you guys doing in there?

Brandon: Great! Happy to have made it here!

Shan: How is it out on the stage?

Nasia: Peachy! The audience loves me Template:Grin

Audience: *crickets*

Nasia: ...Anyway, im going to explain how this finale will work. LISTEN CLOSELY. First, each of our old members have created a question for you to answer. Its an AB question meaning, there are two options to choose from. The question will appear on the screen and you have to answer based on how you think the jury member answered. Whoever gets the most points, will win this challenge. THE WINNER WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO SAY WHO THEY WANT TO BE UP AGAINST IN THE FINAL TWO. When they decide, the person who is not selected will become the 8th jury member and will get to vote for a winner out of the last two standing!! Here's the best part. If there happens to be a tie between our final two: I, NASIA, WILL SELECT A WINNER BASED ON WHO I THINK PLAYED THE GAME BEST. Remember, this is only if a tie occurs. IM TALKING TOO MUCH, LETS GET STARTED!!!

Audience: Template:Party Template:Cheer Template:Clap

Nasia: First Question!

(The answers you give me and also the correct answer will be found underneath each question after I receive all)

Upon returning to the house, was my strategy to....
A: Get big threats out
B: Lay low

_____ Was my biggest downfall in this game.
A: The 100 deals I made
B: Having no one trust me after after the previous season

What was my biggest shock when I was eliminated?
A: That there was a double elimination
B: That I lasted only for 3 episodes

When I make alliances with other contenders, I...
A. Always stay true to them
B. Break them if it means I save a good friend

____ was neutral
A. the alliances that were with me
B. almost winning last season


Upon arriving at the house, what was my strategy when it comes to voting?
A. Vote out all the members of previous seasons.
B. Vote out my best friend - get that bitch outta this joint.

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