Nasia: Hello everyone!

Everyone: Hey Nasia

Nasia: Wow, we have 4 girls and 2 guys. This is new. Maybe a girl can actually win this season. Lets get this week started, shall we? Follow me outside.

Shan DR: Im actually kind of scared to see whats outside based off what was out there last week.

~They go outside~

Nasia: Before me, you can see a large bucket of balls.. Not those kind of balls Delilah.

Delilah: Template:Giggle

Nasia: You also see  a course with numbers. Your goal is to throw the balls the furthest that you can. The trick is to get the ball to land on the highest number. There will be 4 rounds, whoever gets the lowest number in each round will be out. Delilah, you won last week so you cannot participate in this challenge. Ready, set, go!

~Brandon throws, it lands on 4~
~Ellie throws, it lands on 5~
~Justin throws, it lands on 9~
~Lily throws, it lands on 3~
~Shan throws, it lands on 6~

Nasia: Sorry Lily, youre out!

Lily DR: Are you freaking kidding me Template:Km

Nasia: Round 2 starts now!

~Brandon throws, it lands on 4~
~Ellie throws, it lands on 7~
~Justin throws, it lands on 8~
~Shan throws, it lands on 6~

Nasia: Brandon, you had the lowest this round. Eliminated!

Brandon DR: I really hope someone that I can trust wins the challenge this week.

Nasia: Round 3, begin!

~Ellie throws, it lands on 2~
~Justin throws, it lands on 10~
~Shan throws, it lands on 8~

Nasia: Ellie, what happened there?

Ellie: Template:Shrug


Nasia: Last and final round, lets see who will win this week!

~Justin throws, it lands on 9~
~Shan throws, it lands on 6~

Shan: So close....I WAS SO CLOSE Template:Angry I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.

Nasia: You won week two Template:Shock

Shan: IM ABOUT TO QUIT. *she storms into the house*

Nasia: Anyway, before someone had a temper tantrum..Justin, this is your 3rd win!

Justin: I know Template:Grin

Justin DR: I feel like im in control over everyone in this game.

Delilah:'re just like Andrew from season 1. He won 3 times in a row..

Nasia: You're right. Justin, if you keep this up, you might break the record of wins from a single competitor in one season!

Justin: I think I can make that work Template:Wink

Lily DR: Why is Justin so hot. He's got the looks, the strength, everything!

Justin DR: I have no idea who im putting up this week. It's gonna be tough.

Delilah: Hey Justinnnnnn Template:Wink

Justin: Hey Template:Wink

Delilah: What-cha doing? Template:Wink

Justin: Makin' coffee, you want some?

Delilah: Sure!

~They walk outside together with their coffee and sit on the bench~

Justin: You know, I really like you Delilah. You're the type of confident girl I need in my life.

Delilah: *blushes* haha, you're too cute.

Justin: Im serious haha. You're awesome. And by the way, I loved you on both previous seasons.

Delilah: What can I say? Im just a lovable person Template:Giggle

~They lean in for a kiss~

~Lily is watching from her window~

Lily DR: WOW DELILAH. Paybacks a bitch. You will regret this sweetie. I can guarantee you that.

Delilah: So, are we like, going out now?

Justin: *he strokes her hair* If you want to.

Delilah: Yes. I do.

Shan: I really miss mark. He was like my bestfriend here.

Ellie: Um.

Shan: Besides you Ellie Template:Silly

Ellie: I don't miss him, he was just a fly on the wall.

Shan: ...

Shan DR: Im tired of Ellie's outburst. She always has an "idgaf" attitude. It's driving me crazy.

~Lily runs in the room~


Shan and Ellie: Template:Unamused

Lily: *whispers* Justin and Delilah are outside making out Template:Angry

Ellie: Hahahahah.

Lily: ..What the hell bitch?

Ellie: What? It's actually kind of funny. Sorry Template:Km

~Delilah and justin are back in the house~

Lily: You know what? I don't like you anymore. You are now on my "to eliminate" list. Goodbye.

~Delilah walks in~

Delilah: Whats going on here?

Lily: Ugh, really? Why is your face popping up everywhere i turn....

~Lily leaves the room~

Delilah: Hmmm....

Ellie: You're a slut Delilah.

Delilah: .......duh

Ellie DR: She just admitted shes a slut Template:Facepalm

Ellie: You had sex with every guy in this house. With an exception of Brandon.

Delilah: False. I only slept with Mark and Justin. Get your facts straight.

Shan: You slept with Mark!?

Delilah: Duh.

Shan: WTF

Ellie: Template:Unamused Ok Deli, go be a whore somewhere else.

Delilah: Excuse me?

~Jacob comes in~

Jacob: This just got real.

~He leaves back out~

Delilah: Oh yea, and iv'e slept with Jacob also. *she flips her hair then leaves the room*


~Everyone comes to the living room~

Justin: Im enjoying my time here. I love all of you. But i have to put up two people for elimination this week.


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