~Theme song~

Last time on FTF3.

Nasia: Hay peeps! There are no freebies, bitches. 

Joey: It's the first day, are we really gonna start this?


Nasia: Pick a number from 1-1000 and whoever is closest wins challenge. Congratulations Justin you are the first winner of the season. You get a special power. You have to eliminate someone.

Justin: Im eliminating Delilah.

Lily: Bye bitch. Get.

Nasia: Whats going on.. woah woah woah

~Lily and Delilah start fighting~


Shan DR: I honestly cannot believe whats going on right now..this is only the first week in the house and everyone is so hype for no reason. What was the point of that fight? Seriously.

~Lily is shown with a busted lip and Delilah's forehead is bleeding~

Lily: Yea bitch. I beat your ass.

Lily DR: Im so happy this hoe is leaving. 

Delilah: Template:Fy

~Delilah is removed from the house~

Nasia: Now that that is over..

Ellie: C'mon Lily lets go get you cleaned up. 

Ellie DR: I really don't know whos side to be on right now but im trying to make it far in this game.To make sure that happens, im going to stay on everyones good side.

~Ellie and Lily in the bathroom~

Lily: She deserves another punch Ellie. Do you know what she did that pissed me off? 

Ellie: What?

Lily: I told her I was crushing on Justin. Last night at 1AM I walked pass his door and she was laying on his bed. 

Ellie: Thats not even right..

Ellie DR: I couldn't care less about her crush on Justin. But at the end of the day, Lily is a pretty cool person..for now.


~He runs down the hallway~

Mau: John calm down..


Mau: Template:Unamused

Mark: Im in. Who else is playing. 

Joey: Im only in this if females are playing..

~Ellie Lily and Shan walk towards them~

Lily: We're in Template:Wink

Shan DR: Im not really feeling this "spin the bottle" thing.. I'll play so I wont be called the bore of the house.

Mau: There are only 3 females. 

Joey: Someone invite Nasia.

Joey: I have a crush on the host *stretch* I regret nothing Template:Rofl

~They start the game~

John: I'll spin first!!!

~Bottle lands on Brandon~

John: Template:Unamused

Everyone: Template:Rofl Do it! Do it! Do it!

Lily DR: Let me pull my camera out, this is a moment to save forever Template:Rofl

John: I think im going to..go to sleep now.


John: Template:Sad

Brandon: ... 

~John leaves the room~

Brandon DR: Why did he start this game if he was going to quit so fast?

Mau: Ugh. I'll go.

~It lands on Shan~

Mau: Hahaha

~He crawls over to shan and gives her a little peck~

Shan DR: That wasn't so bad Template:Grin

Shan: My turn i guess.

~It lands on Ellie~

Joey: This is about to get real Template:Rofl

Ellie DR: *laughing* omg..

~They do a 3 second kiss~


Shan: Omg lily shutup Template:Rofl


~Ellie spins and it lands on Justin~

Justin: Uh oh Template:Rofl

~They kiss for 7 seconds~

Lily: OMG...

Lily DR: Really Ellie. Template:Angry

Justin: That was nice Template:Rofl

Nasia: Whats going on out here..Is everyone pulling an allnighter.

Everyone: JOIN US!

Nasia: Spin the bottle eh? Maybe another time. I have to go see what the next challenge is. 

~She goes upstairs~

Justin: So its my turn right?

~It lands on Lily~

Lily DR: Template:Squeal Template:Squeal Omgomgomg 

Lily: Come here babe

~They makeout~

Everyone: OoOOOooooOOooOoooOooOoO !!!!!!

Lily DR: That was AMAZING. 

~Lily spins and it lands on Joey~

Lily: Hell yea

~They give eachother a peck~

Mark: This was a fun night! Im going to sleep now.

Mau: Same goodnight guys

~The next morning~

Nasia: OK EVERYONE ITS TIME TO SEE THE NEXT CHALLENGE. This round, the winner will be picked based on your voting. I will give you guys a few minutes to discuss with your alliances who you want to be winner this week. Working together is important. You are trying to make someone gain the most votes and this wont happen if  everyone chooses a different person.

Brandon: Can we vote for ourselves?

Nasia: No.

Mau: Shit.

Nasia: You picks will not be public. I will keep them private.

Shan: What if someone gets a tie.

Nasia: This is the second time you interrupted me while giving instructions Template:Km im getting to that.

Shan: Sorry.

Nasia: If there is a tie (which means everyone didn't work together) a winner will be chosen at random.

~Everyone casts their votes~

Nasia: Ok so now that im looking at the results, we have to choose a random winner this week.

Lily: Awww shiiiiiiit.

Lily DR: Why couldn't everyone just work together Template:Angry

Joey: What exactly were the votes like?

Nasia: Every single one of you voted for a different person. There was no one who had over 1 vote. So here we go.

~Screen shuffles names~

Mark DR: This whole voting thing was a waist of time. Hope the screen shuffler or what ever its called, chooses me.

Brandon DR: Please please please pick meee.

~Screen displays Shan~

Shan: Template:Happy

Shan DR: YES!! Im not going to brag infront of the i'll just keep a smile on my face. Even though im jumping up and down on the inside!

Nasia: In a few minutes, you have to decide on who you want to put in the bottom two. Yup. You choose both people.

Shan: Sweet!

Ellie DR: Ugh. Lucky bastard.

Nasia: You have 5 minutes to decide. Goodbye everyone.

~Everyone leaves the room~

Joey DR: I want to stay on Shans good side. So im going to talk to her before anyone else.

Joey: SHAN! 

Shan: Yes? 

Joey: Hey what are you thinking about doing?

Shan: I dont know yet.

~John interrupts~

John: Shan! Come here!

Shan: I dont know what im doing yet John. 

Shan DR: Everyone is running up to me at one time. Ugh this is going to be hard.

Ellie: I know who you should put at risk this week. Trust me. This will be a big game move.

Justin: Shan!

Mark: Shanny!

Mau: Shancan!

Shan: OH MY GOSH. Can you guys just let me have time to think Template:Angry

Everyone: Template:Unamused

Lily: *whispers in soft voice* what a biiiitch.

~Everyone leaves her alone~

Shan DR: I don't want anyones input. Im doing this for myself. I think it will get me far in the game. No one is going to change my mind.

Shan: Nasia?

Nasia: Yah

Shan: Im ready to deliver the bottom two.


Shan: This was a little hard. Im sending [TBA] and [TBA] to the bottom.

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