Brandon: Whats taking them so long?

~Nasia and Justin come back~

Brandon: Oh there they are.

Nasia: Template:Happy

Justin DR: I was told to deliver a message to the rest of the house. Can't wait to tell them whats about to happen.

Justin: Here we go. I, Justin, was given the opportunity to have a special power that no other winner this season will receive. I now, have to eliminate someone, from the competition.

John: Wait what!? You mean send someone to the b2...right?

Justin: Im afraid not. So yea.

Everyone: Template:Shock

Joey: *covers his mouth*

Ellie DR: I cannot believe that someone is about to go right now!!

Delilah DR: This is an outrage. I know im like the biggest threat here. I've been runner up two season for crying out loud.

Mark DR: I have a headache. This is too much to handle. *puts hands on head*

Justin: I had to put a lot of thought into this. Oh who am I kidding, no I didn't.

Nasia: Who are you sending home?

Justin: *Sigh* im sending home..Delilah. Im sorry. You're too big of a threat.

Delilah: Well i saw that coming.

Lily: Bye bitch. Get.

Delilah: You know what bitch? You want a piece of this? COME AT ME BRO.

Lily: Im not scared of you honey.

Nasia: Whats going on

Delilah: Come over here beeeetchhh


Nasia: Woah woah woah

Delilah: *runs to lily and pushes her*

Lily: *throws the first punch*


John DR: This just got real!

~They start fighting~

~End of episode and promo for next week~

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